Why a Walk-in Bathtub is right for You!

Walk-in Bathtubs are new, emerging products coming to the bath remodel world and Pykles is happy to share our expertise in installing and maintaining these tubs with our clientele here in San Diego. To get started in explaining why a walk-in tub may be the right thing for you and your family, we’d like to first dispel any misconceptions or myths regarding these tubs, their usage and ease of accessibility. The first common question our customers ask regarding Walk-in tubs is:

  1. How long do walk-in tubs take to fill? How much water does a walk-in tub require?

The answer to these questions is simple. Walk-in bathtubs have roughly the same footprint as any standard size 30″ x 60″ bathtub, with the obvious exception, of course, to their height, which usually measures around 38″. Taking into account the displacement of water of any bather, along with the shape of the bathtub’s seating area, any standard size walk-in tub will use between 30-35 gallons of water per bath. Pykles understands that this can make bathing not only a large time commitment, but a large use of water for any home as well. This leads us to our next question, which is:

2. “Won’t my bath water get cold by the time my walk-in bathtub finishes filling?” and, “Do I have to use my walk-in bathtub as a bathtub?”

Pykles is happy to say that the answer to both of these questions is NO. The great thing about walk-in tubs is that most models come with air-massage features such as jets or a bubbler. These features use electric motors coupled with in-line heaters to draw water from your bath and re-heat it without introducing cold, outside air which would adversely affect your bath’s water temperature. This keeps your bath water warm while still circulating around to provide comfort and relaxation for the whole duration of any bath. Should you decide to NOT take the time for your walk-in bathtub to fill for use as a bathtub, Pykles can install any hand shower, slide bar and curtain to allow you to use the bathtub as an enclosed, seated shower. Simply draw the curtain inside the tub, adjust the hand shower height for an appropriate shower and bath away.

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