A Welcome Letter by Toby Pykles

A Welcome Letter by Toby Pykles


And Welcome to the Pykles Remodeling Family! That’s right. We have been a Family owned and operated business since 1946. And since you have decided, or are considering doing business with Pykles, you can expect a few things from each of us, as Family, as we move forward in improving the living space you and your real Family call Home.

Our Team here at Pykles doesn’t try to be lower than every other contractor out there, but we do strive to be better. “Quality work done in a timely fashion at a fair price”, the same way Grandpa Howard did business with Luke, his Brother-In –Law, when they started way back when. We are Proud to make that promise to You.

Whatever and wherever it is you call Home, you can Trust Pykles will keep it Protected and Safe. Pykles can help make life’s moments a little sweeter by helping you Design, Build and Create a better space that you can call Home.

At Pykles life is good, and Home is where it all happens.


Tobias Pykles

Operations Manager

Pykles Remodeling