SDGE Lock-Outs


If SDG&E interrupts your natural gas service because of a leak, Pykles Remodeling and Repairs can:

  •     Test the system
  •     Get the permit
  •     Locate the leak
  •     Repair the gas leak quickly and efficiently
  •     Be available for the inspection

Pykles Remodeling and Repairs certified gas technicians have the knowledge to pinpoint the leak and make repairs according to the Uniform Plumbing Code, for all the accepted types of gas piping.

Since issues with gas lines can be extremely dangerous, our company will have the gas line system inspected by your local building department to further assure your safety. At Pykles, our clients’ wellbeing and safety are extremely important to us. Therefore, we do our best to ensure that the issue is completely resolved as quickly as possible.

We have been providing San Diego with exceptional plumbing services for 67 years. Our carefully selected technicians are not only highly qualified, but they understand and hold the same high ethical standards we value and you can expect from the Pykles family. After all, we are a family owned and operated business, and we take great pride in doing the job right the first time and giving our customers the best overall experience.

Our emergency plumbing services are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So your problem becomes our top priority and we work to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

If a leaking gas pipe in your home has left you feeling in a Pickle, Call PYKLES! (619) 463-1600.