Happy Thanksgiving!

Ever since I was a boy, growing up here in La Mesa, I have fondly looked forward to the holiday season. Thanksgiving at the Pykles house always brought happy feelings of Family, Football and especially good Food. When my folks started out with their home, here in La Mesa, it was a single story with 1 bathroom and 2 bedrooms and things were fairly modest when it came to the way they lived. The home that they knew then was never really a reality for me as I was the last in the line of my 5 siblings, but it never fails to make me smile seeing pictures of my Family when we were the new kids on the block.

Over the years, as our Family grew in size, my Dad and Mom decided that they would need to add on to their home in order to accommodate all of us kids. So, they took their 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house and added a Family room downstairs. And then they added two more bedrooms and another bath. Followed by the final addition of a laundry room, guest bedroom and bathroom over their garage with an adjoining deck over their driveway. Needless to say, my Family aren’t strangers to the remodeling process. We know and have had many experiences with changing the space in which we’ve lived.

So, without getting too sappy or sentimental, I really enjoy looking back at old photos of the time when my parents were newlywed, expecting their first couple of kids in that house, because I’ve known all along that we have had many things to be grateful for as a Family.

What I guess I’m trying to say is thanks. Thank you for all of your continued phone calls, thoughts, kindnesses, shared stories, visits, cards, words of support, business and friendship over all the years that we have had the privilege of being a Family run operation here in La Mesa.

We know that we are small. We like it that way. Even though our business may not be as big as it once had, our hearts have grown regardless due to the many thanks that we have to offer to each and every member of our community family. From every service call to every remodel to every piece of hardware we’ve sold this year we thank you for all the things that YOU have given us.

And with that, on behalf of my Family, I wish you a very warm and heartfelt Thanksgiving.

Continually grateful for all things pertaining to our Family business,


Toby Pykles

Operations Manager

Pykles Remodeling