KOHLER Toilets: Satisfaction Guarantee

kohler_toiletAs Pykles Remodeling enters the New Year we wish all of our clients and their families prosperity and happiness in 2014.

With the many New and Exciting changes that come with the New Year, Pykles is proud to inform our followers of a new program

we are able to offer when we sell our clients KOHLER brand toilets to improve the life and style of their home. Here is a brief summary

of the KOHLER Toilet Satisfaction program:

– Any client who purchases a KOHLER Toilet from Pykles Remodeling has 180 days from their date of purchase to request either a complete refund or, a credit towards the purchase of any other KOHLER Toilet ensuring that the toilet you choose meets your family’s needs and expectations.

– Upon hearing of any dissatisfaction with any KOHLER toilet, Pykles Remodeling will complete a claim process at kohlertoiletsatisfaction.com and submit a request for a new toilet in your home.

– KOHLER will then credit Pykles for the original purchase price of the toilet which will be passed on directly to you, not requiring the return or removal of the toilet to Pykles.

– Meanwhile, KOHLER will send a check directly to your home for $100 within 4 to 6 weeks to help offset the cost of having Pykles remove the old toilet and install the one.

– Lastly, All KOHLER toilets are covered under this program. We invite all of our clients to refer to KOHLER.com/toilet for the most up to date information on KOHLER toilet technologies and designs. STERLING and KALLISTA toilets are not covered by this program.

If you need a New Toilet in your home, call Pykles Remodeling today! We are very pleased to provide this exclusive program to our clients and hope that if any toilet needs attention or replacement that a KOHLER is considered.