How to Avoid Falling in your Home

This blog post comes to you via an article my Dad, Craig Pykles, received in the mail the other day from my last living Grandma, Hilda Serr, of Camarillo, CA. The article was written by Betty Berry, a senior advocate for Senior Concerns, as an editorial for my Grandma’s local newspaper, The Star, dated Wednesday, August 6th, 2014. Hilda is my Mom’s, Mom and she is a young 94 years old. And although she is still sharp as a tack mentally, her physical prowess just isn’t quite the same as it was a few years ago. Thinking of my Grandma falling worries me. She lives on her own and, although she has regular visitors, she could easily get caught up in a bad situation just by doing what used to come to her naturally.

If you or a loved one are looking for solutions to make your home a little safer, we hope you wouldn’t hesitate to call us at our office and/or come into see the wide array of products we have on display in our showroom to make aging in your home as easy as possible. From stairlifts to grab bars to walk in tubs, Pykles Remodeling has everything you need to help you enjoy your home as long as you like. To begin your aging in place journey, we hope you enjoy the following article and find the time to visit us soon.

“Q: Do you have any hints on how to avoid falls, especially in the home?

A: Not every fall can be prevented, but may can be. Thought beforehand on behalf of the senior or family can help reduce such occurrences. A fall can occur in any room of a house, but several rooms can be more dangerous than others. Much can go wrong in the bathroom.

A wet, soapy tub floor or shower can be more slippery than a skating rink. Just getting into or out of the shower or tub can throw one off balance. Grab bars should be in all bathrooms, and skid-proof flooring could help eliminate the skating rink condition.

The next most dangerous room is probably the kitchen. Spills can make the floor slippery. Partially open drawers and cabinet doors can throw seniors off balance. A little effort to make sure spills are wiped up and drawers and doors are always closed when not in use will help eliminate a dangerous situation.

Stairs can be deadly. There can be unsecured handrails, slippery conditions, loose carpeting, poor lighting, and objects on steps. Handrails should go from the first step to the last, and they should be securely attached to the wall. Light switches should be at the top and bottom of the stairs so lights can be turned on when a person is ascending or descending. Other rooms can be dangerous because of poor lighting, cluttered walkways, lamp cords and throw or scatter rugs.

We should all take time to review each room in our homes or those homes of loved ones to see whether we have any conditions to correct to ensure a fall free environment.”

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