Home Improvements Increase a Home’s Value and Appeal

At Pykles Remodeling we are happy to share information with our clients that can help them decide where to invest in their homes. This recent article we found in REMODELING magazine shows just what YOU can expect from making improvements to your home. Whether you’re considering the purchase of a new home or ready to prep for a quick sale, you know there are home improvements that can increase your home’s value and appeal.

So, which remodeling projects offer the potential for some of the biggest paybacks? The following mid-range remodeling jobs offer the highest returns.

Remodeling Job                                     Estimated Cost                  Return on Investment

Entry door replacement (steel)                       $1,137                                             85.6%

Deck addition (wood)                                        $9,327                                            77.3%

Garage door replacement                                 $1,496                                            75.7%

Minor kitchen remodel                                     $18,527                                           75.4%

Window replacement (wood)                           $10,708                                         73.3%

Attic bedroom                                                      $47,919                                          72.9%

Siding replacement (vinyl)                                $11,192                                           72.9%

Window replacement (vinyl)                            $9,770                                            71.2%

Basement remodel                                              $61,303                                          70.3%

Major kitchen remodel                                      $53,931                                           68.9%

If you’re looking to make any of these improvements call Pykles Remodeling to get a free estimate today!

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