Save from spending a “pot-of-gold” on your water bills by installing the FluidMaster PRO550K Dual Flush Retrofit System in your toilet tank. The Average American Family of 4 uses an average of 400 gallons of water everyday, according to the EPA, making toilets the greatest use of water in a household. The PRO550K saves water and money by using up to 45% less water than your original toilet tank parts.

Benefits & Features:

– No Tank Removal is Required: The flush valve snaps right onto an existing 2″ flapper flush valve for fast installation.
– Best Flapper upgrade
– Easy to adjust dials: Allows installer/user to customize half and full flushes for most efficient, best-performing flushes.
– Full and half flush: Tank lever is connected to flush valve with a cable – push down for full flush, pull up for half-flush.
– Silicone Seal: Ultra-Durable – 5 Year Warranty

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